Actor/Rapper Ice Cube will portray a Los Angeles Police Department officer in the upcoming film, Rampart.

According to reports, Cube will share screen time with other distinguished actors.

Ice Cube has joined Woody Harrelson and Ben Foster to star in Oren Moverman‘s police drama “Rampart,” centered on the scandal at the LAPD’s division in the 1990s. Project reunites Harrelson and Foster with Moverman, who directed them in “The Messenger,” his helming debut. “Rampart,” based on James Ellroy‘s screenplay, has been developed at Light stream Pictures and set up with “The Messenger” producer Lawrence Inglee and Clark Peterson (“Monster”). (Variety)

Details on the actors’ roles have also been revealed.

Moverman will direct from a James Ellroy script, which revolves around the 1990s LAPD scandal involving the CRASH (Commmunity Resources Against Street Hoodlums), an anti-gang program that became corrupt and lead to unprovoked shootings, beatings, planting evidence and much more. Harrelson will play the lead, an LAPD officer who gets caught up in the scandal, while Cube and Foster will also play fellow LAPD officers. Filmingis set to begin this August in Los Angeles. (Movie Web)

Outside of films, he is also putting together a new rap album called I Am The West.

“[‘Man Vs. Machine’] is talking about our obsessions with machinery and how it’s taking over,” he said in an interview. “Automation is taking over human beings in all our relevancy in this world. Pretty soon, machines are gonna take over and that’s just real…[‘Hood Robbin’] is talking about how big corporations is now stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. It’s a whole thing about the things we’re going up against with housing and medical insurance … just everything people are going through. Real sh** that ain’t got nothing to do with money, cars, [and] all the sh** most rappers talk about.” (BallerStatus)

His album is slated to come out this summer.

“I AM THE WEST…is the name of my new record. After completing about 65% of my music, this is the perfect title. This sh*t is cocky, no apologies, West Coast gangsta sh*t. I can’t help it. That’s what I do. June seems too tight for a release, but July is very doable. We’ll see how things go. Now that I have my title, I can work on the concept of my photoshoot and artwork. I want to provide…” (Ice Cube’s Blog)

No further details have been revealed as of now.

Check out some of Ice Cube’s acting down below: