As I write this, I’m thinking back to 10 years ago when I was snatched up by the police because I ‘fit the description’. I was on 143rd and Convent Avenue hanging out with some friends. I must have been there for about 6 hours straight. I finally decided to go home.

I made my way downstairs and just as I opened the door to the street, two cop cars pulled up on the curb. The officers riding shotgun jumped out with weapons drawn. At this time in my life I was just getting used to getting patted down atleast once a week, but I never had guns pulled on me by cops.

So, I’m instructed to put my hands above my head and kneel on the ground. In seconds, I’m cuffed and frisked. By this time, my friends from upstairs came downstairs. They tried to ask the cops why I was being arrested but…you know how the police do…"This is none of your business", yadda, yadda, yadda.

I’m tossed up in the car and driven to the City College campus where something major must have taken place. I figured all this out by the ambulances. I’m pulled out of the car and taken to the back of one of the ambulances.

Inside the ambulance, I see a kid about my age (23) bleeding from his head and his chest. I find out he’s been shot twice. The kid sits up and the cop says "Is this the guy who shot you?" This is the defining moment right here. What happens next determines whether I go to Central Booking or home.

WTF! The kid passes out. Somebody shake homie ’cause I didn’t shoot him.

He passed out for about 2 minutes but it seemed like forever. He sits back up, and looks me dead in my face with a puzzled look. Finally, he says "It wasn’t him." The cop asks him again. He says "It wasn’t him" and passes out one more time. Whew! The cuffs are removed.

The cops give me a ride back to where they picked me up at. On the way back I asked them why they picked me. "You fit the description."

  • Black male
  • 18 – 36
  • blue jeans
  • brown leather jacket.

Who doesn’t fit that description.