Southern rapper Chamillionaire has reflected on his internal battle with Universal Records which recently turned into his release from the label.

Admitting his reason for not putting out new records as of late is due to Universal, Cham reflected on the positives of being an unsigned artist.

“The reason why I haven’t released any music for a while is because I was trying to get off of Universal,” Cham explained in an interview. “For a while I felt like I was fighting against the machine that was supposed to be supporting me. I left under the terms that I couldn’t put out [my third solo album] Venom or anything recorded while I was there…I just wanted to be able to get back control so I can release content how and when I want to. These labels spend more time complaining about ‘rap music’ that isn’t pop enough than actually supporting a brand and a vision.” (All Hip Hop)

Last week, Cham revealed that Universal wanted him to steer more toward pop-sounding records.

“I think nowadays labels feel rap doesn’t sell that much, pop does. So what they are doing is they are trying to turn rappers into that,” Cham said in an interview. “‘You infiltrated pop culture with ‘Ridin Dirty,’ now do it again.’ That’s what they wanted me to be, and if I came in with something that was more me, they wouldn’t support. But ‘Ridin Dirty’ wasn’t a pop record – it was myself.” (Billboard)

Friday (January 14) night, Cham went on a Ustream broadcast and said the departure would no longer allow him to drop his Venom LP.

The most important note though, is that Cham is indeed off Universal Records. The negative aspect of this is that he is not allowed to release anything off of Venom, due to the agreement of his release. The rest of the topics are things we have heard before, such as his hard work as a youngster, his take on social media, and he even kicks a freestyle. (Hip Hop N More)

The album was initially slated to drop in summer 2010.

Grammy-winning, platinum Houston artist, Chamillionaire, officially hit the road today, embarking on his “In Love With My Money” tour with former group member, Paul Wall – first stop, Austin, Texas for their headlining gig at SXSW. The timing couldn’t be more perfect as the release date for his long-awaited third album, Venom, was officially slated this week for June 22nd 2010 on Chamillitary/Universal Republic with a first single, artwork and tracklisting to be forthcoming shortly. (Press Release)

Since signing to Universal Records in 2005, Chamillionaire has released his debut Sound of Revenge album (2006) and sophomore project, Ultimate Victory (2008).

Check out Chamillionaire speaking on his label situation down below: