Rap veteran Uncle Luke‘s frustrations with his Miami hometown has reached an all-time high, and has inspired his quest for a seat in the city’s mayoral office.

Upset with the current Miami mayor Carlos Alvarez‘s lackluster efforts to create more job opportunities for the city’s inhabitants, Luke plans to run as the city’s new leader.

“I am mad frustrated. I have always been involved in politics, going back to my battles in the city of Miami Beach, dealing with the city commissioners and the mayor. I ran my own nightclub, and I believed African-Americans were treated badly during Memorial Day weekend. I’ve thought about running for public office before, but someone would always end up talking me out of it, saying, ‘We have this good person here, he will do good for the community,’ so I always backed out. But I’d end up frustrated because they didn’t do anything. I’d give them ideas and they would just tell me what they wanted to hear.” (Miami New Times)

Imagining himself as mayor, Luke said he would enforce exotic dancers to pay taxes.

“Even though all my stripper friends are gonna be mad at me, I think we can stimulate the economy with a tax on strippers. They make all this money and don’t pay taxes. I’d take that cash and put it into a fund where it supports youth athletics for girls like cheerleading or softball. Or it can go to help pay for existing little girls programs that are struggling to get government assistance.” (Miami New Times)

Last month, Luke said a run at mayor would be inspired if Mayor Alvarez was removed in March.

The recall for Mayor Alvarez has been set for March 15. There have been efforts to recall Alvarez since December 2009, but there were initially not enough signatures necessary. The possibilities of a recall gained steam again this past September when county commissioners passed a budget that raised property taxes and increased the salaries of county employees. (XXL Mag)

Renowned in the South, he is also recognized for his achievements with rap group 2 Live Crew.

Campbell formed the Miami-based quartet in 1987 and they were the centerpiece of a national campaign against allegedly obscene lyrics. He was embroiled in a volatile trial pitting him against then-Florida attorney general Jack Thompson. Campbell later became a solo artist, issuing his own discs as Luke Featuring 2 Live Crew. (All Music)

Check out some past footage of Uncle Luke down below: