SOHH recently caught up with “House Party” collaborator and former Roc-A-Fella rapper Young Chris, currently at work on a new project titled, Alive.

In addition to discussing his new union with music imprint eOne, Chris shared his thoughts on the trend of web beefs and rappers releasing videos of themselves attacking fellow artists, which the Philly rapper insists is not only hurting the game, but can have dire consequences.

“Honestly, I don’t agree with that. You know why? Because that’s the kinda sh*t that get you killed. I seen alotta disturbing little internet sh*t that people posted. You got tapes where n*ggas stomp a n*gga out or whatever. That kinda sh*t is not appropriate. You get what I’m sayin’? There’s a protocol to this sh*t. There’s rules. Gangstas don’t do that kinda sh*t because for one, you tellin’ on yourself. For two, anybody under pressure will pull the trigger, bruh.(SOHH)

When asked to share his thoughts on the recent footage of rapper Game mixing it up with 40 Glocc, Chris said that although he was cool with the West Coast rapper, he couldn’t co-sign the video.

“I don’t condone that kinda sh*t. As far as Game sh*t … Game is my n*gga, we tightened our sh*t up and we just did a record. In L.A., it’s politics over there, they got something different going on, I learned that from a few of my L.A. people. But I’m just sayin’ where I’m from it’s kinda different, we all move different. We don’t rock like that, we ain’t bout to post me whoopin’ nobody a**. We ain’t postin’ no guns, we ain’t doin’ none of that kinda sh*t. That sh*t is not attractive, you feel me?”(SOHH)

Footage of Game’s run in with fellow Cali spitter 40 Glocc hit the web last week. 40 has since claimed the footage was edited, with scenes of him being held at gunpoint intentionally removed.

After leaving a mansion party in Los Angeles, G-Unit affiliate 40 Glocc had guns pulled on him by Game’s crew and got attacked. According to 40 Glocc, Game has around 12 people with him and had 4 guns pointed at him. 40 Glocc was alone when the attack happened. According to 40 Glocc’s twitter, Game pulled a pistol on him. Apparently, Game’s crew took video footage of the altercation, which may be posted soon. 40 Glocc posted a photo of himself smiling after the fight, showing damage to his eye and nose. 40 Glocc has a long history of beef with Game and his Black Wallstreet crew. In May of 2011, 40 Glocc was involved in a massive club brawl with Black Wallstreet member Menace. (24 Hour Hip Hop)

A few individuals attempted to add Charlamagne Tha God to the growing list of entertainment personalities caught catching a fade on camera, as footage of a failed attack targeted at the radio host hit the web earlier this week.

Hip-hop personality and New York City morning show host Charlamagne Tha God tends to speak his mind, which makes for entertaining radio but gets him into trouble from time to time. After a recent beef with Hot 97 legend Funkmaster Flex and a near altercation with Busta Rhymes, a cell phone video has surfaced of the Power 105.1 DJ getting knocked in the head and then nearly jumped by five men before running away. Clearly attempting to harass him on video so it could be posted online, Charlamagne blasted the perpetrators via Twitter. “N—as try to jump me in front of the radio station this morning. Video cameras rolling and all,” he wrote. “LMAO. Nice try. 5 on 1.”(MTV)

Check out Chris spitting alongside Freeway on the track, “Real Sh*t” below: