[Days after a heartfelt funeral for Hustle Gang’s Doe B, Alabama’s DJ Dirty Dan speaks to SOHH readers about attending the star-studded service and how much talent the 22-year-old really had.]

As far as the funeral, it was a beautiful ceremony. There were so many people there and everybody got a chance to speak.

T.I. got a chance to speak and I saw so many people there. People in Alabama might not know these guys but to be able to see some of these guys in Montgomery, Alabama was amazing. I saw Gee Roberson. I saw T.I., Young Dro, Trae tha Truth and they all came out for Doe B’s funeral.

And then on the other side, all of the guys he repped and his entire movement was there. They were all dressed in white. The mood was really good. The family was there and Doe B’s mom held her composure. They laughed, they talked and one of the biggest things they kept saying was, “Let me find out someone is hating in this church.” They kept saying that because it was Doe’s song.

It was celebrating his life and at the same time, it was putting him to rest. For Alabama, speaking from Mobile, we got nothing but love for Doe and his whole movement and Hustle Gang and everyone who supported to make him who he was.

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