Days after officially getting welcome to Curren$y‘s Jet Life Recordings family, The Cool KidsMikey Rocks has detailed his motivation to join the movement.

Crediting Curren$y’s power moves with his Jet Life team, Mikey said joining the squad was a no-brainer.

“I really respect what the Jets been doing over the past few years. That’s just been my people for a minute, I got sh*t with [artist] Trademark, I f*ck with [artist] Roddy tough, man,” Mikey said in an interview. “Me and Curren$y done plenty of sh*t together. We kinda been edging towards that for a minute anyway, just through our friendship and us being around the same music circles and sh*t man — It’s kind of the best fit for what I’m doing right now. I kinda can identify with everything they got going on, and it’s kind of like the best fit for what I’m doing. It really wouldn’t be a better place for me right now, at this point in my career.” (Ashley Outrageous)

Curren$y broke the news across Twitter earlier this week.

“Happy to have added one of my good friends to the J.L.R. family…. After I roll this doob I’ll let yall kno all about it..,” he tweeted Monday.

“Roll one for @SirMichaelRocks for he is indeed Jet Life Official…. Pop a bottle for dat man”

“So honestly we must all follow @SirMichaelRocks …simply because #mikerocksisjetlife” (Curren$y’s Twitter)

Mikey also hopped onto his Twitter page to confirm the power move.

“I’m bouta pop sum’n for the occasion…,” he tweeted.

“#jetlife.” (Mikey Rocks’ Twitter)

Over the summer, Curren$y credited Cam’ron and Pharrell Williams for inspiring his Jet Life movement.

Curren$y provides further insight into his success. “I’m big on observing. And it was definitely, shall we say, educational to see certain artists going about building their empires, building their own movements: Pharrell with Star Trak, Cam’ron with Dipset. Fans would hear a beat and be like, ‘That sounds like a Neptunes beat,’ or ‘That sounds like a Dipset joint.’ That’s how I engineered Jet Life to be. I want it to be branded in a way, so the people know what it is.” (Village Voice)

Check out Mikey Rocks’ interview below: