[After getting into a publicized dispute with former Hot 97 program director Ebro, Duck Down Records co-founder Buckshot gives SOHH readers his take on the iconic radio station.]

I love Hot 97 because they’re about to die out.

They’re like a broke cookie. You know what Hot 97 is like? They’re like a sock with a hole in the back. If you’re struggling, you’re going to wear it but at some point you gotta throw it out because the bottom of your feet are going to get ashy and crack up.

It’s people leaving Hot 97 by the second. Hot 97 is going to be like a dusty factory that was popping years ago like a relic. You’re going to take your kids past the building like, ‘I remember when this place was bumping, honey.’

Everybody is going to Power 105 and I’m not pro-105 because I’m not fully aware of what they’ve got going on. I know they support hip-hop.

But look, man, the only line is online. I told them, ‘Y’all done!’ Radio stations are done. Radio station is like saying the word ‘TV.’ You got flat screens that they call ‘flat screens’ because the word ‘TV’ is so old that it reminds you of knobs.

In a minute, cable is going to be done. All the places that are not digital are going to be done. We told people this 15 years ago when we created DuckDown.com. We told them this was going to happen.

They would say, ‘Get out of here. You’re angry because you’re not selling millions of copies, what are you doing with that technology crap? This is hip-hop.’ Next thing you know, that’s where we’re at. I always told them that underground was going to be here. The tunnels don’t change but the trains do.

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