After the release of Keri Hilson‘s controversial “The Way You Love Me” music video, SOHH hit up hip-hop personality Amanda Diva for her take on the sexually explicit visual.

Despite being a Hilson fan, Diva felt that the erotic video was a bit too extreme for her taste.

“I feel Keri Hilson’s ‘The Way You Love Me’ music video was [the result of] some bad advice from somebody she trusted,” Diva told SOHH. “Listen, I like to have sex too but that doesn’t mean I have to go on a video and be like, ‘Look at me!’ It’s not cohesive with what you’re putting out there. You just put out ‘Pretty Girl Rock’, so I feel from a marketing perspective, [the racy image] doesn’t really do [it] for her. I guess from a marketing perspective, it just doesn’t align with what she’s been putting out there. And as far as branding goes, you want to be consistent with your branding. So that doesn’t really help her.” (SOHH)

Diva also said despite her risky visual, Hilson’s talent will help her move past the backlash.

“You gotta show who you are and everything but I think there was a much more classier way in doing that,” Diva added. “She definitely lost points with a lot of people because of that video and now she’s gotta win those points back. When I first heard ‘Pretty Girls Rock,’ I was like, ‘That sh*t’s tight!’ And then I saw that [‘Way You Love Me’] and was like, ‘Oh wow, that vagina’s in my face the whole time.’ But don’t get me wrong. I love Keri Hilson. I think she’s dope, I think she’s a great songwriter, I give her props for her hard work and coming up in the game and she’s a great performer. But I saw this video as a bad move on a chess board.” (SOHH)

Rapper Rick Ross recently reflected on the video and downplayed the controversial content.

“When I got the record, I most definitely knew she was going to another level and I was excited for her,” Ross told MTV News. “I love to see the creative side. She’s a sexy female and I think she showed that. When I think of Janet Jackson when I was coming up and she was doing her Control thing, I loved it. So if that’s the feeling that young people [are getting] or whoever is feeling the music, if that’s the inspiration they get, I think it’s dope.” (MTV)

In a conversation with Internet personality Perez Hilton earlier this month, Keri discussed wanting to express her sexual desires on the new record.

“Perez, I don’t wanna be held and caressed every night. Sometimes I do wanna be f*cked,” she said in the interview. “I can’t allow other people to dictate, or the media to dictate, what I can and can’t do…I’m a freak. It’s no surprise. I’m a freak! I’ve been a freak on other songs and in other videos.” (Perez TV)

Check out “The Way You Love Me” music video below: