[Each week, SOHH asks two entertainment personalities to name their Top 5 rappers of all-time. To make things tricky, we’ve created a “Hall of Fame” of emcees (see right) who are universally respected and therefore may not be mentioned. After Jarobi quested into his top picks, his partner in rhymes Dres dishes out his five choices.]

  • tough-junkie.jpgTough Junkie. I have to name my dude because his catalogue is quite extensive, but no one really knows a lot about him. You have to check him out and see why he’s in my Top 5.

  • de-la-soul.jpgDe La Soul. They are one of the groups that have made timeless music in hip-hop. You can pretty much pinpoint the climate of what was going on around them in their music. Sonically they are amazing.

  • p-prodigy.jpgMobb Deep. Same thing as with De La, especially with their sound. Although it may be different in terms of what they’re talking about, the temperature may be different in what they’re stirring up, but mechanically & sonically they’re always there. They’re talking from the point of view of a black man in the city. It has a lot to do with the structure that the government has created and the hood environment. I definitely get off to their music.

  • ag-showbiz.jpgShowbiz & A.G. With them, I’m basically going in on Show as the frontrunner because he’s my dude. He’s always been able to take hip-hop to a level that’s just astounding. Show is just “that” dude to me. His production is just ridiculous. I love to hear A too because he’s a huge phenomenal emcee.

  • the-roots.jpgThe Roots. Black Thought is a phenomenal, phenomenal emcee. When you look at what been able to achieve, it goes to show you their depth in the hip-hop game. They’re always evolving. They’re not only creating but recreating brand new music.