How Trey Songz’s Bodyguard Got Ensnared In Dubai’s Culture Laws 

Written By Chris Samuel

Dang, You Too?!

Trey Songz's bodyguard is facing legal troubles in Dubai following a March 2023 hotel confrontation. Despite his efforts to de-escalate a situation, Whitfield was arrested and sentenced to one year in jail, highlighting the unique legal challenges faced by travelers in Dubai and the stringent consequences for violating local laws. 

Trey Songz
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What Happened?

Trey Songz’s bodyguard, Cornell Whitfield, was in a legal predicament after being arrested in Dubai for a hotel confrontation in March 2023. 

Despite claiming to be doing his job and attempting to calm down an aggressive individual, Whitfield was sentenced to one year in jail under Dubai’s cultural laws. 

According to the Daily Mail, Whitfield, who also works as a bodyguard for rap legend Lil Kim was “doing his job” when he positioned himself in front of the “Na Na” singer, who had been confronted by a man who was swearing and waving his arms at him as they left the luxury Palm Jumeirah Hotel

As Whitfield tried to defuse the situation, he gently tapped the man’s face, believing it would calm him down. However, the man filed a complaint, leading to Whitfield’s arrest in August 2023.

“I just want to go home to my family. The whole thing has been a nightmare. I know Lil Kim is very upset at what has happened,” Whitfield said in a statement.

The father of two is currently on bail but has not been allowed to leave the United Arab Emirates. Whitfield’s family in Miami, Florida, is desperate for him to return home.

Dubai’s Strict Laws

Dubai’s penal code treats physical assault as a criminal offense, resulting in imprisonment and/or fines. The severity of the punishment depends on the harm caused to the victim and the intent of the accused.

According to the UAE penal Code, physical assault is a criminal offense punishable by imprisonment and/or fine. The severity of the punishment usually depends on the extent of the harm that has been caused to the victim, as well as the intent of the accused.

In Whitfield’s case, he was told to pay €49,000 or USD 60,000 to have the charges dropped. Failing to raise the money, he was sentenced to one year in jail, although he is currently on bail and appealing the sentence.

Detained In Dubai

Although Whitfield’s actions aimed to protect Songz, Dubai’s laws prioritize complaints about violence or assault. This has led to numerous travelers facing similar legal consequences. 

The standard punishment for assault in Dubai is a one-year jail sentence, reflecting the country’s strict stance on such crimes.

Detained in Dubai, an organization that assists foreigners arrested abroad, criticized the arrest and the demand for money, deeming it typical of Dubai’s court system. Detained in Dubai founder Radha Stirling stated:

“It is ludicrous that the accuser has demanded $60,000 after [apparently] forcing Mr.Whitfield to defend his client.” 

Trey Songz’ Legal Woes

In other Trey Songz news, the R&B star was recently hit with a new lawsuit over a 2015 sexual assault allegation. Two women accused him of non-consensual sexual acts at a house party in Los Angeles. Songz is also accused of coercing the women into sex.

Drake Detained In Sweden

Trey Songz’s bodyguard is not the only one who has faced legal troubles in another country. For instance, rap superstar Drake was detained in Sweden in 2022 on allegations of smoking marijuana in a nightclub.

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Written by Chris Samuel

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