[With tensions flaring between Young Money leader Lil Wayne and Rich Gang’s Young Thug, former Cash Money artist Turk gives SOHH his thoughts on the alleged feud and explains why it’s more misunderstanding than beef.]

To be honest, I don’t think the Young Thug and Lil Wayne thing is beef. I just think it’s a lot of misunderstanding.

N*ggas need to come to the table and straighten out everything. I think it’s about time for n*ggas to be their age and act their age. Man up about any problem they’re having, me too.

I just did the interview with [New York radio station Power 105.1’s] “The Breakfast Club” and I laid everything on the table and that’s how I truly felt. I don’t do nothing for no publicity.

There’s nothing I do for publicity. I don’t want no attention. I hate being famous because that comes with too many problems.

Everybody just needs to man up and get some money. Come on man, we all black. It’s time for a n*gga to man up.

It’s like what Juvenile said, he spoke on the situation and I agree with him. It’s time for n*ggas to come together and let all that bullsh*t go because at the end of the day, I’m probably one of the artists in the industry that really went to jail and did time.

If people put you in the trick bag and have us keep beefing, that’s where you’re going. You’re either going to jail or you’re going to get killed. So why not make millions and billions?

I don’t know how Lil Wayne and Young Thug truly feel, personally, about each other. To me, Wayne is my little brother. I just did three shows with Lil Wayne. He’s very talented. You can’t nothing away from Wayne. He’s a legend.

You can’t take nothing away from Young Thug. Young Thug is talented.

You gotta be respectful. One. Disrespect is not tolerated on both sides. I’m not going to take no sides just because Lil Wayne is my little brother and I’m not going to take no sides being against Young Thug.

Me being an OG in the game, looking at it from where I’m looking at it, I just think n*ggas need to let it slide and get their money.

People that don’t know about the situation, just stay out of it but if you have a voice and can speak and help out the situation, say something.

A lot of these artists, they want to bite their tongue. I can’t bite my tongue. That sh*t hurts. I think we need to come together, be men and get some money.

Raise your kids. We got kids. We’re not getting any younger, we’re getting older and the younger generation is looking up to the older people.

A lot of people are saying the younger generations don’t listen because the OGs aren’t being a good example. I’m an OG that’s got to be a good example.

I’m not perfect but when sh*t’s not worth it, it’s not worth it.

Lil Wayne and Young Thug are talented. There’s a difference between competition and real-life situations. If we’re going to compete in the game, let’s compete in the game. I just feel like when the disrespect is in the game, that’s when you have a problem.

I just hope everything boils down and gets straightened out. Shout-out to my little brother Wayne, he’s on his “Sorry 4 The Wait 2,” he’s doing his thing. Shout-out to Young Thug. Shout-out to everybody!

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