Hot 97 radio show host Peter Rosenberg is feeling a certain type of way. The hip-hop personality has stepped forward to talk about receiving an unexpected call from rap star Drake about critiquing his recently released “God’s Plan” video.

During an “Ebro In The Morning” segment, Rosenberg dished on Drake getting at him for publicly revealing some “God’s Plan” issues.

“The person I heard on the phone yesterday would be a very exciting Drake to hear from on a regular basis and by that I mean someone who is passionate not just someone who makes cool music which he does in his sleep. But I mean the passion you heard was like, ‘Oh, this obviously struck a real chord, this ‘God’s Plan’ video.’ And to me, that’s exciting and to be honest I’m always pushing to get something out of Drake. I’ve always said that, when his albums come out, I want that classic. I want him to have that moment.’ …. When I didn’t like the video, my gut reaction that it was maybe a slightly awkward video was to come on the radio and give a negative opinion. The part I feel bad about it is that I did ultimately neglect that a really good thing was being done in the video. I got caught up in how it felt. … Because I’m an emo dude who gets really passionate – I left out that part. … I didn’t focus on how the people legitimately feel. Let me be clear, Drake thought that what I was saying the other day, ‘It was a set-up, the people weren’t real,’ I wasn’t saying that at all. I was clearly saying there was a reason the people who were selected – it just wasn’t randomly random. … I just feel like Drake thinks I wake up and think, ‘How can I scorch Drake today?’ That’s just not who I am. I get up here and I’m honest every time.” (“Ebro In The Morning”)

A few days ago, Drake provided some backstory behind his “God’s Plan” filming.

Heal your spirit on a Sunday…Heal your leg with a Sundae

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Last week, Drake showed the early impact of his challenge to Instagram followers to do something nice for someone.

Heading into last weekend, the Toronto native blessed fans with his heartfelt and good feeling “God’s Plan” video.