Just days away from Nicki Minaj teaming up with New York radio station Hot 97 for a Christmas concert, hip-hop personality Peter Rosenberg has revealed his involvement in the planning.

Although Rosenberg does not take credit for getting Minaj to do the show, he did clarify his stance with the Young Money rap star.

“I had nothing to do with this concert personally and I doubt that she would want it to have much to do with me personally, but it is definitely a dead issue on my end. Not even to be polite or political–I sincerely like Nicki’s rapping a lot. She has only had a few songs that I disliked and one of them happened to be the one that caused all of this. But The station still supports her and always will…I really hope we get to talk one day and have a laugh about the whole thing. It is not that serious in the grand scheme of things! We both just love hip hop in our own ways.” (Gothamist)

If all goes accordingly, Minaj will takeover New York City’s Webstar Hall on December 25th.

Meanwhile, her Barbz have been missing Nicki ever since she went silent earlier this month on twitter after she was snubbed by the Grammys. The good news is that she may have hashed out her differences with New York radio station Hot 97. On Christmas Day, she will perform a show at Webster Hall that is hosted by the station. (Necole Bitchie)

A few days ago, Rosenberg updated fans on his status with Nicki after publicly calling out her “Starships” track at last June’s Summer Jam concert.

“Guys, the year is almost over and once it is, so forever will be the Nicki Minaj-Peter Rosenbergy story,” Rosenberg said. “Give it up though, it was a run, it was a run. I have to admit, it was fun. It helped raise my visibility, got many Twitter followers, but it’s over, man, and I’ll be honest, it was blown out of proportion in the first place. Listen closely, New York, and I mean this. I’m not being political, this is Peter Rosenberg to the core. I have a lot of love for Nicki. I know that probably gets the hardcore heads mad at me but it’s true. I was a fan of hers.” (Hot 97)

His Summer Jam comments even sparked a heated reaction out of Young Money boss Lil Wayne.

“Lil Wayne thinks that I don’t show respect for women,” said Rosenberg said live on the air. “Wayne is right about something–Women are mothers, are sisters, are daughters. But I have a question. Is me giving my opinion that one song is wack, is that showing a lack of respect for women? … I don’t know if Weezy F. should be giving me lessons on respect for women. Weezy F.–the F doesn’t stand for feminist, alright. … Clearly the logical thing is let’s get the word of respect for women from the woman at the center of it all…clearly Nicki Minaj, she understands respect for women. Instead of talking to everyone else about Hot 97, how about the good people at Young Money just come on down and come see us and talk to us?” (XXL Mag)

Check out Peter Rosenberg speaking on Nicki Minaj: