Hot 97 radio personality Ebro is helping fans understand what’s going on in the mind of Kanye West right now. The hip-hop host has stepped forward to speak on a private 30-minute conversation he had with Yeezy.

On Monday, Ebro dished on trying to check Kanye for using his relaunched Twitter account to stir up controversy weeks before his new albums come out.

“Then he went on to talk about demonization. He feels like he’s been demonized and how as a society we demonize individuals who are trying to speak out and challenge original thoughts. We demonize them for trying to think different when really they’re just trying to continue to make progress. So I think we’re going to hear a lot more about that specific thing,” Ebro said reflecting on his Kanye convo. “And multiple times through the conversation he said ‘I just want to lead with love. I just want to be about love.’ I said you’re a liar because the people you’re aligning yourself with aren’t leading with love. Then he said ‘I do love Donald Trump.’ Kanye West. ‘I love Donald Trump.’ So the challenge that we’re going to take calls from the people right now, Rosenberg said do y’all even care or do you just want the music?” (Hot 97)

Over the weekend, Kanye shocked the Internet with his unexpected support for conservative and President Donald Trump supporter Candace Owens.

Owens almost immediately responded to Kanye’s co-sign and also addressed media bashing her reputation.