New York radio station Hot 97’s personality Ebro Darden is standing strong. The hip-hop talk show host has come forward to defend recent comparisons he made to Grammy-winning rapper Eminem and black people’s struggles.

Big Facts: This week, Ebro relied on his Hot 97 platform to address his now-viral Twitter remarks.

“Eminem operates in a space that’s dominated by black folks. He’s had to pay his, be made fun of, be second guessed. That’s just how it works. Black folks have had to do that every single day. And he’s also had to prove himself over and over and over again. You know what black folks still have to do right now in America? We still have to prove ourselves all the time.” (Hot 97)

High-Key Details: A few days ago, Darden went to Twitter to put some major respect on Em’s name.

Wait, There’s More: On Thursday, Slim Shady hit up his social media pages to downplay people taking his Music to Be Murdered By album content too literally.

Before You Go: Based on new estimates, Slim Shady’s LP will easily bank nearly 300,000 copies and secure a top debut in its opening week.