[With his new “Run All Night” movie in theaters, Hollywood veteran Liam Neeson talks to SOHH about working with Common, today’s technology and why actors are doing more TV shows than movies.]

I had a fight scene with Common. It was late at night when we were doing these fights scenes and there were flames and it was uncomfortable.

I would speak to Common and make a note to myself to just relax. Your body starts stiffening up. That’s when you can get hurt.

So I said to him, “Let’s just relax.” But it was a note to me.

George Lucas and various other individuals, they’re like jewels. They’ve taken this camera over the past 100 years, which really hasn’t changed much, and this whole CGI stuff you can do with computers is so phenomenal.

If I ever, and I’m speaking very, very general, it seems the script writers, the really good ones, are going to television because of the temple marquees because there’s just no room for great dialogue.

They’ll go to the FX channel, Netflix or HBO, especially, and Showtime, where writers can develop arcs of characters over a long period of time.

[That opportunity has] not yet [been presented to me] but I wouldn’t scorn it. I’d love to.

I’ve got an Apple TV now and I’m catching up on all these shows and the depth of writing is so fantastic. You don’t see that in motion pictures now. Studio pictures.