Grammy-winning rapper T.I. and Hit-Boy want Wack 100 to put some respect on a West Coast legend’s name. The hip-hop pair have responded to recent chatter from the rap executive claiming late entertainer Nipsey Hussle shouldn’t be considered a legend.

On Monday, both Tip and Hit went to their Instagram pages to put big respect on Hussle’s legendary status.

In a new “No Jumper” interview, West Coast rapper Blueface didn’t stick around with his manager Wack 100 when asked about his lack of putting up a Hussle tribute immediately following his March death.

“You good? Let me get the f*ck out of here. We ain’t doing no more f*cking interviews,” Blueface said before walking out. (“No Jumper”)

Wack also dug into why people shouldn’t get on Blueface for not showing love to Hussle.

“The reality of what that is, is just real. He don’t know him. They’ve never talked, never had a conversation. And the fact of the matter is, their two neighborhoods for twenty-five years have been on and off enemies. So, him not saying nothing is really him showing respect. Their neighborhoods didn’t even get along!” (“No Jumper”)

A few days ago, Wack 100 explained why he didn’t view Hussle as a legend.