If it’s one thing I hate, it’s a HIP-HOP PURIST.

You know the type. The type that claims they make THAT REAL HIP-HOP and their style of hip-hop is so much better than someone elses. The type that feels if you didn’t grow up on Eric B. & Rakim, Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud or Biz Markie you have no business liking Hip-Hop.

The thing about these Hip-Hop Purist is they forget that THEY TO have skeltons in the closet.

During a concert, Ghostface proceeds to school the children on real Hip-Hop. He does this by playing Laffy Taffy and a few classic New York records and claims that all the South does is make songs about Grillz. The audience howls in agreement. Peons.

Why does Ghostface attack D4L’s Laffy Taffy like it’s all the South has to offer? Sure Southern rappers have an abundance of records talking about Grillz, but how many songs does New York have about hustling in the streets?

I mean, what’s really wrong with Laffy Taffy? It can’t be the message because I’ve heard worse. It can’t be the beat because there are some really wack beats. The problem with Laffy Taffy is that it has invaded NYC radio and clubs and it’s just ONE MORE SLOT that the South has filled up. And don’t front, if Dipset did Laffy Taffy NYC would eat it up – just like they did PUSH IT. SMH.

Before "The Great Holy Ghostface Killah" disses Laffy Taffy, maybe he should explain TUSH, TUSH, TUSH; video and all. And how he had the nerve to let Missy get a verse on it. Explain how "Wanna slide in the bush, bush, bush?" is any better than "Shake that laffy taffy; that laffy taffy". Explain Tooken Back and he put the worst female Southern rapper on the track. Explain that. I’d settle for an in-depth blow-by-blow on how Wu-Tang made Gravel Pit. Horrible. 

I respect the fact that Ghost makes way more substance than he does bullshit, HOWEVER he acts like his track record is beyond approach and he’s not.