The rap game is showing big love to some true day ones. Some of the biggest names in the music and entertainment biz have come forward to share huge shout-outs to dads around the world on Father’s Day.

Rap x Dads

Over the past few hours, social media has erupted with pro-pops salutes. Everyone from rap star Nas to Lil Wayne‘s daughters have stepped up to speak on their daddy appreciation.

“I Really Have The Best Dad Ever!!! Happy Fathers Day Dad!!! I Love you!!! ❤️🎉” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

“‘I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father’s protection.’ —Sigmund Freud. I love you so much dad . Thanks for being my personal hero ❤️ most don’t know all of your powers and how strong they really are… the most powerful one is being my Father ☺️ Happy Father’s Day 😘” -Reginae Carter’s Instagram

“Dear Iman, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You’re the scum between my toes. I wouldn’t trade yo ass for the world tho. You are the love of my life, and the greatest gift a wife & daughter could have ever been gifted with, and when our next girl arrives; she will feel just as lucky as we do. I Love you Papa! Happy Papa Bear Day! 💕💕💕 P.S. I don’t really hate your stinky guts & u don’t make me vomit BUT u are indeed the scum between my toes – Loveeeeee Teyana 😩😂🥰😘” -Teyana Taylor’s Instagram

High-Key Details

On Tuesday, Nas’ daughter shared footage from her 26th birthday. In addition to thanking fans for b-day shout-outs, Jones showed a sneak peek at Nas and her mom holding her down as she blew out burning cake candles.

“Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes!!! 🎂🎈” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

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Thank You For All The Birthday Wishes!!! 🎂🎈

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Wait, There’s More

On Monday, both Nas and Carmen went online with birthday love. The hip-hop veteran shouted out Destiny with a pic of herself holding balloons and flexing some black girl magic.

“Happy Birthday @iamdestinyjones love you” -Nas’ Instagram

Before You Go

Last Monday, Jones went to her Instagram page to officially welcome in her birthday. She shared some new pics and a clip of herself displaying major beauty in her mid-20’s.

“Happy Birthday Too Me!!! 📸 @nickyfilms” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

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Happy Birthday Too Me!!! 📸 @nickyfilms

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“Time For S’mores 🍫 ——————————————————” -Destiny Jones’ Instagram

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