There are so many options to choose from if you’re planning a house party with all your besties pulling through and want to have the latest and most trendy hip-hop playlist. 

It all depends on what you prefer listening to but generally, a party needs some sick bass lines to vibe to with some catchy lyrics. Here are the best 5 songs you need on your playlist.

Roddy Ricch – The Box

Roddy Ricch – The Box is a great song with instrumentals perfect for partying and having fun with friends. You can either play this song at a full-blown rave or a laid-back party as background music. 

The song is quite versatile and Roddy Ricch has a variety of other songs in his arsenal that fit the description of teen party music. It is best to start off by learning keyboard for beginners if you would like to learn how to create instrumentals similar to those heard on Roddy Ricch’s songs.

Future ft Drake – Life is Good

Future ft Drake – Life is Good has a great tempo of 142 BPM and plays in the key of D, making it the perfect choice for teens to party with. 

The song is just enjoyable and has what appears to be two parts, the first part is where Drake is featured but when the beat drops everything changes. 

Future goes in alone and the tempo also changes to a faster BPM that you still can also dance to but more aggressively. And if your delayed assignments are not letting you enjoy to the fullest, contact EduBirdie and say ‘’experts write my essay right now’’. Rest assured, the writers will do the job for you, whether it’s a thesis or dissertation.

Doja Cat ft Nicki Minaj – Say So

Doja Cat ft Nicki Minaj – Say So is one of the most popular songs in the world right now and having it in your playlist will make you appear trendy. The duo created a masterpiece on this song and it is perfect for a laid-back party. You can particularly enjoy how Nicki Minaj brought her awesome rhymes in her verse in this song. 

The song can also make your playlist well-diversified but it surely fits the category of teen party music. And before a party, the common question is, ‘’can I pay someone to do my assignment?’’ The answer is yes. Uk.EduBirdie is the perfect place to get your writing work done.

Future ft YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Trillionaire

Future ft YoungBoy Never Broke Again – Trillionaire is a trap song that is not too hardcore but the basslines are perfect for a party. The first verse is awesome and tells about the duo came out of the slums and how they have made it big. 

If you love Future’s sound, this song will be desirable and great to listen to. It also encourages listeners to get off their seats and start trap dancing making the party even better. YoungBoy Never Broke Again also did justice to the beat on his hook and chorus.

Drake – Toosie Slide

Drake – Tossie Slide is definitely the song teens are jamming to nowadays when partying or having fun. The song has inspired a lot of TikTok challenges where participants try to imitate Drake’s dance styles on this song’s music video. 

“It go right foot up, left foot slide” that is an excerpt from the song’s lyrics and that is how you dance to it. Moving and dancing to this song comes naturally because of its beat and the lyrics. 

These songs are the most popular teen party music currently trending and have been charted in Spotify’s top 100 rap songs. If you are planning a party, make sure that these songs are included to make the playlist spicier and more diverse. Some are chilled but some encourage listeners to go all out on a full-blown rave.