“Her Voice Is So Strong & She Can Spit Like A Dude”

Written By S. Samuel

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p-lauryn-hill.jpgLauryn Hill. I’m going to start with the ladies. I think she’s super dope. I think a lot of people can really relate to what she’s saying when it comes to the love. I can relate to her and I love her voice is so strong and she can then spit like a dude, it’s so strong.

shawnna-2013-10-30-50x65.pngShawnna. I don’t know what happened to her but I liked her when she came out. When she came out with that, “Gettin’ Some, Gettin’ Some,” I was like, “Yes!” That attitude? It’s kind of similar to my style. I kind of like to take control with men. I love that type of vibe. I love how she took that control.

p-missy-elliott.jpgMissy Elliott. Definitely Missy Elliott. What’s there not to love? I just loved her creativity and the way she put dancers within dancing? All of her music just made you want to dance and tha that was really dope to grow up to.

kendrick-lamar.jpgKendrick Lamar. I like Kendrick because he’s like Andre 3000 and I love Andre.

azealia-banks-2013-10-30-50x65.pngAzealia Banks. I have this huge gay fan base and I love the intent she sends to them and she makes music that I love to roll to. I just love how she rides the beat and her creativity. I’m sure there’s things people don’t like about her but I just pay attention to the music. I don’t pay attention to anything else.

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Written by S. Samuel

Steven Samuel is the co-founder of SOHH.com.

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