Dipset affiliate Hell Rell literally went to get the strap. The New York rapper has social media’s attention after following 50 Cent‘s lead and living out the now-popular catchphrase.

Fif went to Instagram Thursday (July 12) with his reaction to Hell Rell busting out a huge gun and screaming out “get the strap.”

Last month, Hell Rell took 50’s expression up a few notches by releasing his “I Got The Strap” record.

Hours prior, 50 hopped on IG with some random shade aimed at Rugga Rell.

In early May, Dipset’s Jim Jones offered up some advice for Hell Rell in light of Fif’s constant trolling.

“I don’t know. I haven’t spoke to Hell Rell. I can’t speak to the whole Hell Rell situation. Shout-out to Hell Rell. I got nothing but love for him. Diplomat member. Diplomat legend in my eyes and things like that. 50’s trolling. He’s looking for his clout and he has a hell of a platform with his Instagram and other various social media outlets that he has. He’s the king of that. He knows how to get people’s eyes to look at him just like Ye. They both have different avenues.” (Hot 97)