[After landing a deal with Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Style Records, New Jersey hip-hop newcomer Heebz Street tells SOHH what he brings to the West Coast-heavy roster.]

Snoop Dogg has a lot of West Coast sound on Doggystyle and I feel like I bring something different being from New Jersey.

I feel like I’m different.

I bring versatility to the brand and he has his daughter and a bunch of California artists. You can tell they’re Cali because they have that sound. I feel like I bring that East Coast sound and it’s cool.

I’m with Doggy Style Records but it’s not like an Eminem-Dr. Dre type of thing. I still feel like it’s pretty big. If I want to release a record or if I want to release a couple records, I can do it directly under Snoop’s Doggy Style Records.

It’s been a lot of business so far. Snoop is a busy man and he’s practically in a different city everyday. I plan on going and seeing him, I have a cousin out in California too who is a producer so I’m looking to link up with him and at the same time go link with Snoop.

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