[After recently shocking hometown fans by joining rap icon Snoop Dogg and his newly relaunched Doggy Style Records, hip-hop newcomer Heebz Street tells SOHH how he landed a deal of a lifetime.]

It’s actually kind of crazy. I’m acquainted with Nate Dogg’s baby mother and she is close with Snoop Dogg. She got word of when he started thinking about brining Doggy Style back.

She let everyone she knew know about it and then I was just like, “D*mn, that’s pretty dope.” I reached out and asked if she could send him some of my music or to the A&R. She was telling me that he was really just looking for California artists, Long Beach specifically and I figured it was worth a shot.

I sent my music over, he heard it and liked it. Snoop hit me back about a month later. It’s so surreal. Sometimes it’s even hard to believe it’s my life.

It hits me but it doesn’t hit me. It’s off and on. It’s not what you expect. It’s not like it happens and you go “Oh sh*t!” and your life changed. It’s life-changing but it’s just crazy to me. Snoop is huge and he’s a legend. It’s almost hard to believe.

I’m with Doggy Style Records but it’s not like an EminemDr. Dre type of thing. I still feel like it’s pretty big. If I want to release a record or if I want to release a couple records, I can do it directly under Snoop’s Doggy Style Records.

Me and [musician] Jonathan Hay are trying to get our song “Letters” premiered on Shade 45. They want to mess with it.

I’m trying the best I can to try to make a dope record. I’m not going to go too much into detail, I’ll leave that for when we do release it but it’s going to be a dope record.

It’s a real hip-hop feel. I’m going to try to do something new on that and if you listen to Shade 45, definitely be on the lookout.

“Letters” is an upcoming single with HeebzStreet that will be released as a single through Snoop Dogg’s Doggy Style Records. The song is produced by Jonathan Hay and Ajami. Matt Berman of Monroe, who tours with Brandon Flowers of The Killers plays saxophone on the upcoming Doggy Style single release. “Letters” will also be part of the When Music Worlds Collide (Deluxe) album with Jonathan Hay, Mike Smith and King Tech that will be released later this month.

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