[With the highly-anticipated Avengers blockbuster set to hit theaters this Friday, SOHH’s buying into the hype by having your favorite entertainment personalities take on the superhero topic. Today, N.O.R.E., Cormega, Warren G, Bad Girls Club’s Camilla Poindexter and more name the one person they would avenge.]


I would love to avenge Archie Bunker. He lived in Queens and was one of the most racist white men in the world. I would just love to put a pin in his chair that he sat in and so when he sat down, it would just pinch the sh*t out of his f*cking a**. I like Archie Bunker. I like and respect his level of racism. To me, when you’re behind-the-back racist, I don’t respect you. But when you’re upfront racist, Archie Bunker is a person I would avenge. Even though he was playing a television role and loved blacks and Hispanics, he played the role so good on “The Jeffersons” and his own show that I would just like to get him because of that.


If I could avenge one person, it would have to be David Stern. I don’t like how David Stern did my man Ron Artest with the seven-game suspension. And I don’t like the fact my man Allen Iverson isn’t in the league and David Stern wasn’t feeling him. David Stern, definitely.

Warren G:

If I could avenge somebody, I’d go back to when I was in high school and catch a straight up fade with this one cat who hit me when I wasn’t looking. He hit me when I wasn’t looking and took off running because he knew I would have whipped his a**. I think I was in the 11th grade.

Camilla Poindexter:

I really don’t hate anybody, so I would have to say I’d avenge an ex-boyfriend. It’d be my boyfriend from during my high school days. We’re friends now but back then, I kind of have to pick him for the person I’d avenge. Basically he was being a wh*re. I was going to school on the other side of town and he was having sex with other girls during lunch time and it was crazy. I found out because of course I talked to my friends and it’s messed up because I really liked him a lot.

Erick Sermon:

In the 8th grade I went to a new school and at the time I was rocking a bald head, I took off my hat and a kid name Kenny started snapping on my head making jokes on me then everyone started snapping on my head. I had to deal with the head joke for about a year. I never forgot about that and always wanted to get vengeance on Kenny.


I actually have an arch nemesis from my past. I always channel him when I think of the story of The Kid With The Green Backpack, and who the villain would be and I always go straight to him. Everything about him makes him my nemesis, he’s dated every single girl that I’ve ever liked since I was in the 2nd grade, we’ve fought at my job before, it even goes back to his Dad even dated my Mom. It’s just really intense, and he’ll forever be my nemesis. He’s like Flash Gordon.


It would be Coach Banzer, because he knew I was a great running back, but because he wanted to give the other running back the shine, he gave him all of the hand-offs and did me dirty, super dirty. At the end of the season, I averaged 7.8 yards a carry and now I’m famous! So, he should have gave me the ball and let me run and do my thing, but I guess it’s a good thing that he didn’t because if I was a good football player, I wouldn’t be doing this. It was a catch 22. I played football through high school and college. I went to Morgan State University.

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