Are you about that binge-life? Do you need to pad your Blu-ray and Digital HD collection? Need Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson right about now?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy HBO series Ballers: Season Three on Digital HD right now and Blu-ray when it arrives Tuesday, April 3! [Make sure to read each reason and enter to win your own copy!]

Reason 1: It’s The Rock

The first reason you should go guy Ballers: Season 3 on Blu-ray is because of Dwayne Johnson a.k.a. The Rock. The Rock alone should be reason enough to get caught up on this past season of Ballers. Dwayne Johnson is in tip top form with his character Spencer. Spencer reaches to new heights this season trying to bring a team to Las Vegas. There are a ton of plot twists, surprises and even more you won’t see coming until “Spencer” is caught up in the middle of it! Live out all of those moments with amazing Blu-ray HD quality.

Reason 2: Roller Coaster Ride

For all the positive, Spencer and his sports agency partner Joe played by Rob Corddry get into some seriously dangerous waters this season. Who has the balls to tell the NFL they need to move a team to Vegas and follow through with it? You guessed it, Spencer. But, will the demons of his past cost him this prime opportunity or will the NFL and the financial backers f*ck him over? Watch and find out! You’re going to get sucked into these storylines this season.

Reason 3: The Cameos

Much like HBO’s venture in Hollywood in Entourage, Ballers has the same concept with athlete cameos. From the likes of Steph Curry, Terrell Suggs, and many more. Spencer has a crazy amount of connections and does his best to utilize them all to get what he wants. On this new Blu-ray release, check out all of the high-profile moments and live them all out again.

Reason 4: Ricky Jerrett Situation

Ricky Jerrett is off a Super Bowl season with his new team the New England Patriots. But, something is off and Ricky doesn’t know what. On top of finding out one of his side pieces is pregnant, he’s dealing with concussion-like symptoms. He’s gotta deal with all this on top of trying to get a new contract. Find out how Ricky overcomes this situation

Reason 5: The Charles/Larry Situation

Charles was just promoted as assistant general manager by Larry. Everything is going great, Charles is out grinding and trying to build a stronger program in Miami. But, Larry is taking the credit for all of Charles success in the media. On top of that, Charles is playing liaison between the head coach and GM. Stressed out, Charles has a decision to make. Keep grinding in the shadows, or step out in the deep dark waters and pursue his own GM spot in Los Angeles. Watch how it unfolds in this season of Ballers.

Check out the top five reasons you should buy Ballers: Season 3 on Blu-ray and enter to win your own copy!
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