[With the summertime heat coming our way and people gearing up to travel, Hollywood actor/musician Mums tells SOHH what essentials he needs 24/7 when he steps out.]

For me, I always need a pen handy. I need the right pen. I usually carry a book with me but it’s mostly about the pen. I’ll write on anything. I always have to doodle. I’m a doodler. I’m always writing a little bit of graffiti.

That’s part of my everyday in regards to me writing.

Of course I need my iPhone with me. That’s my constant. That’s my go-to. That’s the neediest thing in my pocket. I use it for recording. If I come up with a new lyric or a poem, I record it. I record it in my car. I do my vocal warm-up. My phone is something I rely on. It’s my camera, it’s my video camera, it’s my microphone. I rely on it.

I got a fedora that I’m really attached to. That’s a little joint that I copped. It cost me a mint and it’ll probably outlast me but that’s my joint. I don’t go anywhere without that. For me, I’m lucky because I love busking. If I played the piano or the guitar, I’d be out in the street busking. You gotta carry that guitar and that piano. So I’m lucky that my instrument is in my throat, it’s in my body.

I’m always beat boxing, rhyming, spitting to myself. There’s never any time that I’m bored. I’ll bust into my melody. It’s for me. Just to spit, just to get my mind right, to get my breathing correct, I’ll beat box. I’m an emcee. 100 percent. That’s my everyday.

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