Reason 5: Digital HD

The fifth and most obvious reason is because of the Digital HD appeal. If you go with the Blu-ray option, Digital HD comes already and the pleasure of traveling during this wild summertime season with a great series to watch makes it a no-brainer. As someone who has just switched TV plans and lost HBO, it’s the best way to get your HBO content without the app or even having to wait around for Wi-Fi. Buy your copy or redeem your Digital HD code and immediately download onto your go-to device to watch anywhere. Along with the Digital HD feature, the “Heart of Homicide: Big Murder in a Small Town” gives you a very up-close look at the series if you’re big into geeking out over the small details.

Check out the top five reasons you should buy HBO's Mosaic on Digital HD and Blu-ray and enter to win your own copy!
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