After Mobb Deep’s Havoc surprised hip-hop heads last year by collaborating with Japanese artist S.H.O. for their “Hustle Hard” record, SOHH hit up the producer to learn more about his international move.

Admitting international artists often display a hunger reminiscent of his early days in rap, Hav said he looks to continue making records with artists like S.H.O.

“[Mobb Deep has] a lot of fans overseas and we got a lot of love so S.H.O.] pretty much reached out to me to do some music and I was with it,” Hav told SOHH when asked about collaborating with S.H.O. “I’m all about being versatile not just with the tracks but with the artists that I work with. I heard the music and I said, ‘Word, let’s do it.’ I’m most definitely [embracing the international crowds]. With production in general, on a versatile level, it’s just embracing artists from all different walks of hip-hop, spreading the love and getting some good music out there with artists that you probably wouldn’t normally see me work with. I love international hip-hop because they’re really passionate about it. It reminds me of the early beginnings of how I felt about hip-hop and I can see it in them. So it’s definitely something you will continue to see in the future.” (SOHH)

Details of the record’s release were announced on the Internet last September.

S.H.O. has received support from Mobb Deep’s producer/emcee Havoc on his latest work. The Queens, New York veteran will appear on S.H.O.’s October 20 single, “Hustle Hard.” The global collaboration will be made available via digital retailers, and is said to be appearing on S.H.O.’s upcoming release. (Hip Hop DX)

S.H.O. also promoted his record with Hav via Twitter last year.

“S.H.O Hustle Hard feat, HAVOC of MOBB DEEP.I want to make a big hit, so please pick up this video on your channel. Thanks for your support!,” he September 2010. (S.H.O.’s Twitter)

The Japanese rapper’s venture into hip-hop began nearly seven years ago.

S.H.O was born in Hidatakayama, Japan. He was part of the national Alpine ski team until 2004. In 2004 he had a big accident and couldn’t ski any more as a member of the team. He lost his dream of Olympic gold. At the time, 2Pac songs were his salvation and motivation. He reformed himself and decided to grab a gold medal on a different stage. S.H.O committed himself to spend his 2nd life with the music he loves and respects BLACK HIP HOP. After he came back to Japan, He started music activities in Yokohama, Japan. He had respected The Game so he sent his photos with a message to Game, then flied to LA. After he met with Game, he got a tattoo of “THE BLACK WALL STREET” logo on his right arm and went back to LA. Fortunately, S.H.O was admitted by Game and played 8 stages together in the U.S. and Japan. (Press Release)

Check out “Hustle Hard” below: