Grammy-winning rapper Eminem released his ninth studio on Friday, December 15th. Reception around has been mixed, to say the least. If you’re as conflicted as the rest of us, here are 11 GIFs that capture our reactions to “Revival.”

Presented by GFYCat: 11 Meme Reactions To Eminem’s Revival

1. When the track listing first dropped with featured stars Beyonce, Alicia Keys, P!nk, and Kehlani, we curious if these R&B voices would soften Eminem’s signature bite.

2. In his vulnerable first track, “Walk on Water,” he lives up to our R&B expectations immediately AND shows his tender side: Beyonce delivers a spine-tingling, weep-worthy chorus in only the way she can.

3. Brooklyn’s Phresher spits on track 3, “Chloraseptic,” and we’re pumped to see Eminem working with some of the best up and coming talent in the game. Okay, we think, maybe we can get into this.

4. But arriving at “Untouchable,” we’ve got mixed feelings. He spends the first half of the song rapping as a racist white cop then switches to the perspective of a black man. We’re excited to hear Eminem coming down hard to own his privilege: “It’s been embarrassing to be a white boy/” but we’re disappointed the political statement falls short of its ambition.

5. On “Remind Me,” Eminem raps: “I’m lookin’ at your tight rear like a sightseer/
Your booty is heavy duty like diarrhea.” Try that line at the club.

6. In “Like Home” he takes hits at Trump, but his message is ultimately a patriotic one: a hopeful chorus from Alicia Keyes rouses us not to give up on the place that made us.

7. Returning to one of his signature topics, toxic and violent relationships with women, we’ve pretty much heard “Tragic Endings” before.

8. “Framed” also revisits some of his early sounds and favorite themes. Here he envisions Ivanka Trump’s body in the trunk of his car.

9. Despite one-sided war against Trump, Eminem raps in “Heat” that he agrees with his “grab her by the p*ssy” comments: “hope it’s not a problem, in fact/ About the only thing I agree on with Donald is that.” Shame!

10. If there’s one track that redeems his technical skill, it’s “Offended.” Listen to this album just to hear Eminem run frantically through tricky rhyme schemes.

11. “Need Me”: We’re hear for Eminem/P!nk collabs any day.