This past Sunday, The Game and 50 Cent were spotted chatting it up at the Los Angeles Penthouse nightclub. This is still both a familiar and unfamiliar site for many, considering their iconic past that has been quite rough at times.

The pair fought back and forth for years, actually releasing over 100 (yes, that many) diss tracks aimed at each other. Their issues have all been settled, but here’s 5 Things You Didn’t Know About 50 Cent & Game’s G-Unit Relationship.

1. Dr. Dre First Linked Them Together

Their history goes way back to before 2005, when Game was preparing to drop his first studio album The Documentary. Dre decided to put him in G-Unit as a way of promotion, and to help him gain some clout within the hip-hop world. It was then that he met 50 Cent, and the pair immediately hit it off. Game’s album dropped 18 days into 2005, and 50 was featured on 3 of its songs. It was later certified double Platinum.

[2. There was tension from the beginning…]

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