[Hassan Campbell aka Poppy has been standing up for the rights of children ever since he came out and accused Afrika Bambaataa of molesting him when he was a child. Poppy has relentlessly exposed people left and right all while putting his own life on the line. In fact his good friend, the late TC Izlam, who was recently murdered, had publicly displayed fear for his life in a new documentary. Poppy has been a friend of the Murder Master Music Show for the past couple years and always gives us great interviews and this one was no exception. He dropped many bombshells including what TC told him just before he was murdered about how he was about to come forward with information which included some huge names in Hip Hop. Check out the top 5 best moments from this interview.]

1. Who Murdered TC Izlam?

The situation has forced me to be strong. For me to have one of my closest friends TC Izlam who was murdered recently, I believe that the Zulu Nation was behind that. People will say that is snitching but no its not because you are dealing with a pedophile and a pedophile ring and when you are dealing with pedophiles anything goes to stop the pedophile. I’ m not a rat but when it comes to pedophilia we are gonna deal with the situation.

2. TC Izlam Planned To Tell All

The night before he (TC) got murdered I was on the phone with him. TC knew a whole lot more than what he was saying. He said he was giving Bam 3 days or he will tell everything and that pissed me off and I told him that he shoulda been said everything. I asked him what some of the everything was and he said “I’ll tell that Bam was fuckin’ Mos Def and Q-Tip” and I said that was not surprising. It was not something I saw for myself but it was something that TC Izlam said that he saw.

3. Bee Stinger Beef

I believe down the line that he took a pay off. What makes it worse is the bitch ass n-gga is on tours with Mickey Benson who is the one in the audio who is Ice-T’s manager that he leaked. You put the shit out there on him then you are running around with him and now you hear nothing more from Ron Savage, he is silent.

4. Tommy Sotomayor Called Cops

Everybody that was on the air was contacting me saying that there was an officer that put in a complaint number in New York against me. I’m not scared of that! I’m still gonna speak out against what the dude is doing and saying.

5. The ZULU Nation Anniversary

If the feds started shaking some trees they are gonna find some little boys. This sh*t is crazy! They got the ZULU Anniversary coming up in November and a Masonic lodge is gonna be having it. How you gonna have a pedophile in your building?

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