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Grammy-winning rapper Eminem‘s daughter is serious about staying in shape during quarantine. The hip-hop star’s mini-me Hailie Jade went online this week to share footage of herself working up a major sweat.

Hailie’s Workout

This week, Jade went to her Instagram page with the new content. The clip features her working out and doing a serious of athletic moves.

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#eminem’s daughter #hailiescott giving workout tips 🏋️‍♀️ .” -SOHH’s Instagram

Guess Who’s Back

On Tuesday, Jade went to Instagram to get fans inspired. She encouraged followers to stay tuned for her Instagram Story updates and vowed to get back into working out.

“BUT as things are starting to get a bit less chaotic/anxious i’m going to try to slowly get back into somewhat of a routine & start sharing that with you! not exactly sure what that will look like yet but at the very least i will be pushing my butt to workout! So keep an eye on my stories if you need some motivation because i know i certainly could use some lately 😂🙌🏼💪 -Hailie Jade’s Instagram

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Wait, There’s More

In April 2020, Jade went online to celebrate Earth Day. She also discussed taking the time to appreciate the planet while people remain isolated to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“Happy earth day to this beautiful planet! ⁣This has been such a weird and hard time for everyone, but as life has become slower people have more time to reflect.. I know if life were it’s normal busy self today, i might not have stopped to recognize earth day for as long as I have & looked through as many pictures of this pretty planet as I did.” -Hailie Jade’s Instagram

Before You Go

Hailie also shared her thoughts about when quarantine is over. Jade said she would start realizing her surroundings once she travels again.

“My appreciation for so many things is growing during this time, and today i know that next time i travel i’ll be sure to take in the beautiful scenery and enjoy being able to explore that much more.⁣ Stay safe, stay happy & stay healthy” -Hailie Jade’s Instagram

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