Maybach Music Group’s Gunplay details his past issues with drug use and why he refuses to clean up his raps by taking out those types of references in order to sell a few more units in the new XXL Magazine.

Although removed from using cocaine on a regular basis, Gunplay says he has caved in to popular drug molly.

“[When I do have urges to use cocaine], I snort the molly. I did coke [for] so long, it’s not that I got praise for the cocaine, but once I realized that I could do molly the same way I do coke? I wanted to do it like that. With rap, [drugs] is always going to be part of my subject matter because it’s part of me. I’m not compromising my music for my fans by doing some shit that I don’t want to do just ’cause it’s going to sell good. F*ck your market. F*ck your region. Once I know I feel right, knowing my fans, they see that I am speaking truth. I’m not trying to be the next Tupac. I am just trying to be Richard Morales. Love me, or leave me alone.” (XXL Magazine)

Earlier this year, Gunplay admitted he took on heavy drugs at an early age, well before the fortunes and music fame.

“I was on cocaine since, like, 10 years, 12 years, something like that. I wasn’t junktified where I was stealing stuff and stuff like that, but it was my thing,” he said when he appeared on “RapFix Live” on Wednesday. “I have a strong will. I quit cigarettes early this year, cold turkey. Whatever I put my mind to, whatever I wanna do, I’m strong like that. If I wanted to quit smoking refer — it’s nothing.” (MTV)

The MMG member previously delved into his stance toward drugs.

“I do drugs, I don’t let drugs do me so I always had a handle on it,” Gunplay explained in an interview. “It was just when I was ready to stop messing with certain things, it got blown up. No drugs, no b*tches can f*ck my business up. Once it starts interfering with my business and I saw it taking a toll on my health, my attitude, my outlook on life, I just said ‘I’m tired of this sh*t’ and I just quit it altogether. Cold turkey. No rehab, no re — yeah I did relapse because I went to Colombia for Christ sakes, d*mn [Laughs]. I went over [there] and I relapsed. I said I was gonna relapse, I did it and I came back over here and I haven’t touched it since. And I don’t plan on touching it.” (VIBE)

Gunplay also shared his opinion of drug addicts resorting to rehab to kick their habits.

“People are stupid. The average person is really […] a baby, they need help,” he added. “The f*ck you need help for? They need people to counsel them and baby them. ‘Ohh, it’s going ot be ok.’ Man f*ck that sh*t! Don’t put that sh*t up your nose n*gga! It’s simple. People crazy out here, dumb. For me, I woke up one morning and said I’m tired of this sh*t. Tired of my nose bleeding, tired of my skin looking crazy, I’m tired, I’m cranky. It was f*cking up my life.” (VIBE)

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