Maybach Music Group rapper Gunplay has finally opened up on signing a new solo deal with Def Jam Records and revealed hooking up with mentor Rick Ross for his upcoming debut.

Mum on the details, Gunplay said fans can expect his best material on the forthcoming LP.

“It just feels like all the work over these years ain’t go in vain,” Gunplay said about his new situation. “God is good. It’s his plan. It’s his plan. I ain’t got nothing to do with this. I’m just here for the ride, bro. I got an album coming out, I just signed with Def Jam two days ago. The ink just dried. So look out for the untitled album. So far it’s untitled, I’m sitting down with Rozay and we’re going to make everything happen so we can produce the best product possible.” (VIBE TV)

Yesterday, Ricky Rozay broke the news of Gunplay’s new label situation.

“:Breaking News!!!! @GUNPLAYMMG just Signed Big Solo Lp Deal @MaybachMusicGrp @DefJamRecords Debut Album Coming!!!!Streets Been Ready!!!,” he tweeted July 3rd.

“We will not stop!!!! #HoldmeBack”

“Proud of my lil bro.Congrats!!!!! @GUNPLAYMMG @MaybachMusicGrp @DefJamRecords” (Rick Ross’ Twitter)

Last summer, the Miami native talked about watching Ross’ Maybach crew grow.

“I’ve been famous a long time, so I’m not really big on being jealous,” Gun explained in an interview. “If they shinin’, they shinin’. They’re excellent artists. They got a fanbase, so for Ross to put them out in the forefront, I like that. I hope he wouldn’t put nobody wack in the forefront. So shoutout to Meek Mill, Wale, Pill. They getting’ it in. Talented artists…I don’t question Ross’ business moves. I just go with the flow, ’cause at the end of the day, he is for the team. So whatever is benefiting the team, I’m with. So if that means doing things to Make Maybach Music better, then I’m cool.” (VIBE)

Just last year, Gunplay’s mentor brought his MMG empire to Warner Bros.

“You know, as a boss you gotta make certain things happen and that’s what I was able to do,” Ross explained in an interview. “Me, as a solo artist, we’re still at Def Jam Records, I have another album or two [to release due to contractual obligation]. But me being an executive, me being a boss, Maybach Music, I had an opportunity to sow my royal oats. We needed a situation that understood that we could make music at a much quicker rate than a lot of people do. And I wanted to put out music at that same rate. I think it’s obviously, since we closed the deal, maybe a little more than two months later, here we are today, Self Made in stores. It’s constant meetings and discussions and attorney hours. I got great relationships over at Def Jam, so I was pretty much getting my words across. It basically just came down to what was best for Maybach Music and Warner.” (RapFix)

Check out Gunplay’s interview below: