Maybach Music Group’s Gunplay may have opened a new can of worms after taking a public jab at ex-rap rival 50 Cent on a new “Hot N*gga” remix.

On the new unofficial track, Gunplay takes direct aim at the G-Unit leader.

“N*gga got the hunters and they’re coming for your neck, GP raps. “B*tch I’m about a hundred, what the f*ck is 50 Cent?” (“Hot N*gga” Remix)

Coincidentally, Gunplay revealed he was not focused on entertaining a feud with 50 last summer.

“Nah man,” Gun said when asked if he still has issues with 50 Cent. “I don’t know, we gotta see what happens [if we meet]. At the end of the day, I’m a man first. You know what I’m saying? And I’m not going to be tried by nobody. I don’t care how much money you got, how many people you killed, you know what I mean, we on the same page. … I’m not looking for no trouble, I’m good. I haven’t frowned, I haven’t raised my voice in a minute. I’ve been smiling, moving forward. I’m here.” (“The Breakfast Club”)

In December 2012, the MMG member expressed little interest in 50 when asked about the rapper’s publicized beef with French Montana.

“Listen, I don’t give a flying f*ck about them n*ggas, man. I don’t care if they fight each other, I don’t care. You understand what I’m saying,” Gunplay said in an interview referring to Fif and French. “I don’t even see ’em, they’re nothing to me, nobody is really, I don’t see nobody. I see right through all these c*nts, there’s nothing. I don’t care what this c*nt was talking to this c*nt about, they can sit there and have a c*nt-versation all day, I don’t care. That’s they a**. I f*cks with French, that’s my homie, but where he eats, I don’t sh*t.” (Global Grind)

A month prior, Fif called Gunplay a known drug addict when asked about his BET altercation.

“The other boy, you’ve gotta junkie. You’ve got a boy being high and out of pocket. That’s what happened,” Fif said in an interview. “[I saw a video of you with Gunplay’s chain.] Nah, you didn’t see me. Nah, that wasn’t me. Listen, ‘he’ can’t protect you in the real world. Right? He can’t protect you in the real world. I wasn’t talking to you, I was talking to myself. Lil Tunechi. [laughs] You didn’t even know where that was from. ‘You know he can’t protect you from the real world, right?’ [laughs] ‘Are you threatening me?’ ‘No, I was talking to myself.’ [laughs] That was some crack up sh*t, man.” (Booska-P)

Check out Gunplay’s remix: