Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane is delivering a twist to his upcoming Drop Top Wizop album. The Southern rap veteran has announced its title change.

Last night (January 30), Guwop vowed to switch the LP’s name to Drop Top Wop.

Screen Shot 2017-01-31 at 3.35.03 PM

Earlier this month, Atlanta native announced he had DropTopWizop in the works.

Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 2.56.45 PM

Last month, Gucci promised big things to go down once 2017 arrived.


Recently, Mane revealed the fate of his long-rumored collaboration album with rap star Drake.

“I just think both of us have a genuine love of music,” he says of Drake. “I think he makes amazing music and he’s been a fan of my music. So it just seemed right. Both of us are humble enough to respect each other’s work. That’s why I’m saying it’ll be a collaboration that really make sense.” So, how long will we have to wait for this project? “I think it’ll come in 2017, you know what I’m saying? Who knows, it may come tomorrow. I don’t know. Anything’s possible,” he says with a smile. (Complex)