Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane really, really, really wants people to realize his new 1017 record label is no joke. The hip-hop veteran has continued to hype up his newly signed artist Foogiano.

Big Facts

Last night, Gucci went to Instagram with some must-see footage. In the clip, Foo is filming a music video in a kitchen alongside rap star Lil Baby.

High-Key Details

A few nights ago, Guwop went online to share an in-studio clip. In the video, he introduces the world to Foogianao and encourages his 12.9 million followers to check out his Instagram page.

“Go follow Foogiano. My only artist on the new 1017. Who next? If it’s weak keep it.”

Wait, There’s More

Foo also made sure to confirm his new record label situation. He shared footage of himself in the studio with Gucci and declared his new 1017 loyalty.

“1017. B*tch I’m da mayor!! Gucci Mane 4L.”

Before You Go

In January 2020, Foogiano released his hard-hitting “Molly” music video. As of mid-March, the video has over 400,000 YouTube views.