Gucci Mane Ices Waka Flocka Past Beef, “We Were Never Not Cool”

Written By S. Samuel

Southern rapper Gucci Mane has clarified past speculation claiming he engaged in an internal beef with Waka Flocka Flame and what fans can expect from their upcoming new album, The Ferrari Boys.

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Admitting there was a time last year when they were not speaking, Gucci said they have since resolved their issues.

“Me and Waka were never not cool so I don’t know where you get that from,” Gucci said in an interview. “There was a period of time I wasn’t speaking to him. But it wasn’t no bad thing about that. We just wasn’t talking at the time…We feeling each other right now. I’m feeling his swag. He’s feeling mine. I’m feeling his music right now and he’s feeling my music right now so we just came together and said let’s combine. We’ve been talking about putting this album out for the last two years. Since we formed Brick Squad, we been saying we’re gonna come out with a group album. So the perfect time is now. We’re gonna come out with our group album and then we’ll come back out with our solo albums.” (Complex)

Along with an album, Gucci and Waka are reportedly putting together a reality show.

The yet to be titled program will give viewers an intimate look at the behind-the-scene lives of two of rap’s biggest names. “We show everyday life. What we get into in studio and at our shows. We just ordinary people with a crazy Rock ‘N’ Roll lifestyle,” Gucci told RumorFix exclusively. “Because of the music we make, people think that’s what we do all the time — but we got a real family life. We got heart. We do a lot of things for the community and we love each other,” the Atlanta rapper continued. (RumorFix)

Last year, Waka and Gucci had a public falling out and temporarily ended their relationship.

“I don’t think it’s no split. We couldn’t meet each other on a business level — or a personal level,” Flocka told radio host DJ Drama. “Whatever the level is, I don’t know. I’m going this way and [he’s] going that way and we both killin’ these folk. That’s just what it is…Ain’t no drama. Don’t ever think it’s just like, ‘Ey, let’s get [him]’ … Don’t ever think I’m [going] to ride on him with another person. Let’s make that super clear.” (Hot 107.9)

However, Waka later came forward and said their issues had since been resolved.

“Nothin’ happened! The media took a brotherly argument [and turned it in] to a separation. We was getting so far apart from each other, we was like, ‘Hold up, boy.’ But, nah, there wasn’t no argument. Just brotherly sh*t, like you argue with your brother, or friend like, ‘Man, what the f*ck? Yeah, aight, sh*t.’ That’s normal human being sh*t. But they took it like, ‘Oh, they rappers, aye, they broke up.’ There’s nothing wrong. We working on the Brick Squad [album] and all that. We turnin’ it up.” (XXL Mag)

Check out some recent Waka Flocka Flame & Gucci Mane footage down below:

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Written by S. Samuel

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