[With the NBA season around the corner, Golden State Warriors resident deejay D Sharp talks to SOHH about how he puts together star players like Klay Thompson and Draymond Green’s pre-game warm-up songs.]

The players are dialed in when it’s game time. But for the most part, I get the information [about what songs to play] when we’re out and I see them out and about.

If I see them at a club or at a food stop, I get the information from them then. I was at an event with Harrison Barnes and he told me how much he loves Yo Gotti.

He’s like, “Anything from Yo Gotti, please.” I was like, “I got you.”

It was the same with Klay Thompson. I was at an event where he hit me up about the Young Thug and Draymond Green, Drake mentions him on the [“Summer Sixteen”] record. He goes crazy when that happens.

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