Less than 24 hours after reports flooded the Internet over Gravy being arrested on a domestic violence charge, graphic details of what allegedly went down have surfaced. #NotGravy

According to reports, the rapper’s stepson called police after he took drastic measures to hurt his wife in Snellville, Georgia.

The 15-year-old boy told the 911 operator, “My stepdad, he hit my mom and he’s acting crazy.” At one point you can hear him yell at Woolard … “You’re going to jail!” Woolard’s wife, Alisha, told police her husband began screaming at her after she had scolded their daughter … claiming he grabbed her by the throat, slammed her against the wall and told her, “Get the f*** off of my daughter.” According to police, the stepson said he heard his mom “making choking sounds” and confronted Woolard saying, “F*** you n****, I’m tired of you disrespecting my mom.” (TMZ)

The rapper-turned-actor must reportedly stay away from his family.

Police say when they arrived, they found broken furniture strewn about the house. Woolard told them he’s very protective of his daughter because he loves her more than his wife. Woolard was arrested for battery and child cruelty (for violence committed in front of the children) — and he’s been ordered to stay away from his wife and kids. (TMZ)

Past reports claimed Woolard’s mother-in-law disputed previous domestic violence reports.

Paperwork shows Woolard admitted responsibility, allegedly telling cops, “She wouldn’t stop pushing me, so I snuffed her.” The rapper’s mother-in-law, who is staying with the couple during the film’s opening weeks, said she was unaware of any domestic-violence incident. “I know he wouldn’t hit her,” said Roslyn Younger. “He’s not like that. Most definitely, they have a good relationship. That’s impossible. I think it’s made up. He’s a loving husband and I never heard of anything like that before in my life.” (New York Post)

The news came a day after he signed a deal with It Girl Public Relations.

“I want to be the guy that is a chameleon with performances, known for a diverse body of work and hopefully fortunate to be working in this business for a long time,” Woolard said in a statement. (Hip Hop Press Release)