[With the G-Unit reunion in full effect, group member Young Buck talks to SOHH readers about how he’s staying connected to the world.]

I would probably say Instagram is my favorite social media. It’s crazy because before I went to prison, Instagram wasn’t as big as it is.

Right before I went to prison, that’s when it was really making an impact. But when I came home, it was amazing to see how fast it’s blown up. Now, if you don’t have an Instagram page, it’s almost like an ID. It’s crazy.

If you don’t have an Instagram page, you’re almost out of touch. It’s just amazing how technology has become such a useful tool to the artist at this point. These things were not as big as they are at the start of G-Unit in 2002.

Now you can click a button and you get a whole message and everything you want to know across the world in a matter of seconds. It’s dope.