[With the Golden State Warriors suffering a blowout Game 3 loss last night (June 8) in the NBA Finals, the team’s official deejay D Sharp breaks down their home games warm-up playlist.]

Everyone has been asking me for my playlist and I was like, “Let me put my playlist up and let me figure out a way to share it with people.” I get the requests from fans, I get it from players, everybody. So now here it is.

I think it’s really important to pay homage to the classics. I come from deejaying when we carried crates and you had to have four crates to rock a party properly. Those records are dear to me. They’re records I always play in the arena. They’re records that when I play them, people love them.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.54.09 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 2.54.20 PM

I feel like the younger generation has to know what good hip-hop is. I’m not saying this new hip-hop is bad because I love this stuff too. I love everything but we gotta pay homage. We have to give them proper credit.

I try to do that when I’m on the floor playing for the warm-up and I’m just a huge fan of hip-hop and music in general.

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