[With the NBA season right around the corner, Golden State Warriors’ DJ D-Sharp talks to SOHH about getting team warm-up song requests and MVP Steph Curry’s love for Chicago rap veteran Lupe Fiasco.]

With Steph Curry, he turns up to a lot of stuff. He loves Lecrae. I got that from just being a fan of Steph and checking him out and knowing some of the stuff he listens to.

He came up to me one time and he was particularly like, “Yo, you got that new Lupe Fiasco?” I forget what record it was. It was one of Lupe’s records and then I played something he had never heard from Lupe and he walked up to me like, “What’s this?”

So he’s a Lupe Fiasco fan.

It’s just organic whenever I talk to the guys about what they like.

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