KRATOS IS BACK! I can’t explain how hyped I am to get my hands on the new God of War, which drops today, April 20th. I honestly thought they could have left this title alone to be remembered as one of the great adventure video games in the mid-2000’s, but this revamp looks too dope to pass up.

After extracting his vengeance on Zeus, Kratos is now looking to takedown the Norse Gods. The fun part in this is he’s not alone this time, his son will accompany him on this journey. Before I get ahead of myself, let’s take a look at the top five reasons you need to drop what you’re doing this Friday and cop the new God of War.

Reason 1: Kratos

Kratos is arguably one of the greatest heroes in recent video game history. Who else looks to get even with the gods? Not only get even with the gods, kill every single one of them with the utmost brutality possible. Even more so, Kratos has a great (although sad) back story. His strength is drawn from the blades attached to his arms and the abilities blessed upon him by Aeries. I can only wonder what he has in store for us when he takes on the Norse gods.

[There are more villains than ever this time around…]

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