Video vixen Gloria Velez, Vado and Questlove have shared their thoughts on the celebration of Halloween and recalled their most memorable October 31st.

Remembering past costumes, Velez said she considered dressing up as Young Money‘s Nicki Minaj this year.

“I’ve been a CIA agent–that was last year–I’ve been a maid, I’ve been a soul angel, I’ve been everything… they need new costumes. I love dressing up. This year, I dunno what I’m going to be yet I gotta go shopping. Something sexy, of course…Or, maybe I could be Nicki Minaj [Laughs]. All I gotta do is bat my eyes and I gotta get the fake butt. Maybe I should do that just for the fun, for the f*ck of it, right? Which one, the pink wig or the green wig? Oh, my God, that’s hilarious.” (XXL Mag)

Diplomat Vado said he used to be mischievous on Halloween.

“Halloween memory? Man, throwing eggs and getting locked up. I was about 15, 16 got caught for throwing eggs… I only stood in the precinct for about an hour, though, they let me go. But still that was a bad feeling. But I had to be brave about it though ’cause the cop car was right there and I still threw it.” (XXL Mag)

Quest said his most memorable Halloween dates back seven years ago.

“My favorite Halloween I’d say was in 2003. All of The Roots did a show at the House of Blues and we decided to dress up as the ghosts of soul past so all of us were a different figure of soul music that passed. I was Barry White, Black Thought was Curtis Mayfield, Kurt, our guitarist, was Jimi Hendrix, our percussionist at the time was Rick James, Kamal, our keyboard player, was Big Pun. I think that was it, so basically we were just the ghosts of super music past. That was a very good Halloween.” (XXL Mag)

New York rapper Fabolous hit up Twitter today to speak on getting pranked on Halloween.

“On my way to Vegas.. TSA put a toy spider in my bin, playin some kinda Halloween joke.. Looked at her wit the #ItsTooEarly4ThisShitface,” Fab tweeted. (Fabolous’ Twitter)