Video vixen Gloria Velez has put her issues with Nicki Minaj on wax with a new “Roger Dat” diss record.

On the track, Velez pokes fun at Nicki’s alleged plastic surgery.

“I’m in a six-speed drop and I’m sick with the clutch / I’m bout to go in on this bitch like a d*** in her guts / Come on Nicki? Is you licking or what? / How many silicone shots you gonna stick in your butt?” Velez opens the freestyle with. She goes on to throw several jabs at Minaj, poking fun at her alleged plastic surgery enhancements, comparing her flow to a rapper with Tourette’s syndrome, and even accuses her of providing sexual favors to land a record deal. “It’s Glo, Murda Mami, strapped up, emergency / I wasn’t gonna do it, but bitch you keep urging me / You better run and use extreme urgency / brain f***ed up, too much plastic surgery,” Velez spits. “No matter how many times you bat your eye lashes / It ain’t gonna take away from the fact that you trash-ess,” she later raps, before adding: “Remember you came out a Lil Kim clone? / then you started sounding like your got Tourette’s syndrome.” (Baller Status)

Velez recently revealed her opinion of Minaj in an interview with Major Moves DVD.

“She’s a good gimmick, like she has the right team behind her. That’s it, because if anybody else put her out or she was by herself, it would not pop off at all … no matter how much plasticsurgery or no matter how much injections in the butt. It’s not gonna happen. It’s a gimmick…Nah, I don’t like her music. Sorry. I can’t front…I like [Foxy Brown], I like Eve, I liked [Lil] Kim’s first album. I think it’s a gimmick. I don’t think it’s real rap. Her lyrics are garbage, to me. It’s cute and catchy, but … it’s not hot to me. Some of it don’t even make sense…She can’t dance, she’s batting her eyes. What is that? Like the whole time onstage? That’s not a performance mama. … I don’t beleive she has the whole package. That’s my opinion.” (Major Moves DVD)

Rap veteran Sandra “Pepa” Denton recently pointed out Minaj’s Young Money camp affiliation.


“Not everyone’s role model material, but we do have a sense of responsibility because kids listen more to us than they would theirparents,” Pepa said in an interview. “But [Nicki’s] young, so how’s she gonna enlighten? She’s new, she’s excited and what happens when you have a male camp backing you? Yeah, you might be singing those kinds of lyrics. That’s what happens when you have a male camp dictating how you should be.” (VIBE)

Recently, Minaj admitted to feeling awkward about some of her content.

“It makes me feel guilty because I know how I am with my 12 year old brother… very strict,” she said in an interview. “Every now and then I feel like I gotta censor it but censoring it too much I wouldn’t be Nicki Minaj. I think a part of what they like is I’m the naughty girl. The core people I was rapping to I wasn’t expecting them to be young. So all the stuff I was saying…if I was to do a show and clean up [and cater] to both sides of the spectrum, I don’t even know how I [could] make that happen.” (Hip Hop Wired)

Check out Gloria Velez’s “Roger Dat” diss below: