Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah has provided fans with a slight update surrounding talks of a forthcoming collaborative project alongside MF Doom and explained its delay.

As things stand now, Ghost said the project has stalled due to timing and not from lack of records.

“He did some beats on [2006’s] Fishscale for me and everything’s just been, it was just history,” Ghost said in an interview with host T-RexXx referring to MF Doom. “But uh, as far as the album, we’ve done a lot of songs. He’s got a lot of songs for me and I’m still waiting for him to send me more songs. We talked about the album — I’ll tell him, ‘Yo, people want the album. Everywhere I go, they want it, they want it.’ But the ball’s in his corner. So I’m just waiting on him because I’ve been pressing the issue. He said, ‘Yo, we’ll get it together’ — it’s gonna happen ’cause he got all the records. He’s got a lot of records. It’s just the time, like, when.” (RapCity)

Nature Sounds owner Devin Horwitz confirmed the collaborative effort being in progress last summer.

According to Horwitz, five years since the two first announced joining forces, they have finally reconnected, and are currently prepping the release an LP for sometime very soon under the guise DOOMSTARKS. “The guys regrouped just this year and really started fine tuning and really trying to hone it in to make this thing a reality,” Horowitz told XXL. “I think just recently it really clicked for both of them what this project could be and how important it was really for the fans.” Horwitz says that although the disc is as a collaborative effort, DOOM is responsible for overseeing everything, as well as producing all of the tracks. But not to worry, Ghost will appear almost every song on the album, except for one or two cuts. (XXL Mag)

The duo’s “Victory Lap” record leaked online last July.

A new single from the project has emerged, “Victory Laps,” and a write-up on the Nature Sounds page is billing the pairing as DoomStarks. The duo will release “Victory Laps” as a digital single with a limited vinyl picture. The record will include the original track, a remix from DOOM and Madlib, and instrumentals of both versions alongside the Serato tone for DJ use. (Exclaim)

Both emcees hinted at plans to put together a joint project around 2005.

Six years ago, brilliant rap weirdos Ghostface and DOOM covered Mass Appeal magazine in anticipation of their then-imminent collaborative album. Last night, the first actual release from said album saw the light of day, via Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg. But, hey, no complaints about the tardiness here; it’s unbelievable this thing even exists! The track is called “Victory Laps (Madvillainz Remix),” and it’s credited to DOOM/Starks (the latter part of the name a nod to Ghost’s alter ego, Tony Starks. (New York Mag)

Check out Ghostface Killah’s interview below: