As work goals and studying intensify with spring approaching, audio giant Roland comes to the rescue with a couple of gadgets set to take the stress off everyone’s loads. Peep below for a look at Roland’s new GO:MIXER Pro mixer audio enhancer and R-07 recording device.

Roland: R-07

This handheld recording device is a game-changer for everyone dealing with never-ending work conferences or intense school lectures. Always struggling to take the best notes? Wish you could just have the entire lecture presented to you again? Look no further than Roland’s R-07 as it captures sound on-the-go with multiple high-quality recording modes. Slow things down, speed them up – find your ideal recording method and enhance how you study or even review conference meets. For all the techies out there, there’s a unique dual recording and hybrid limiting functions to provide perfect audio capture every time. Price: $199.99

Roland: GO:MIXER Pro

Are you about that social media life? Let’s face it – in 2019, it’s all about having an online presence whether it’s with your Instagram Stories and Snapchat clips or going onto YouTube. Whether you’re a musician or big into getting key messages out to the world – the GO:MIXER Pro provides engaging online videos courtesy of intense audio quality and the ability to mix nearly 10 inputs directly from your mobile device. If you’re looking for the level up, this is it. Price: $169.99